As soon as a vehicle arrives at Eastbourne Car Auctions it will undergo an examination by one of our qualified vehicle inspectors, and graded according to its condition. We are phasing in the well recognised NAMA (National Association of Motor Auctions) grading system to access any damage – this is the standard grading scheme for many motor auctions in the UK.


The aim of the NAMA grading scheme at its highest level is to deliver key benefits to all the parties involved in the transaction.  It is designed to facilitate the buying and selling process of a used car in a condition that is better understood by both parties.  With a better understanding of a vehicle condition, it should be possible to more accurately anticipate a selling price that is consistent with the typically observed prices for similar cars in the same trading period, subject to similar market conditions.

The Grades

The scheme consists of 5 grades, termed 1 to 5 & U.  The U (unclassified) grade for vehicles that are badly accident damaged or require high levels of repair.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade U

Please note, below,  is the previous Grading system that we used and whilst the new NAMA system is being rolled out some vehicles will still be graded under the previous system as shown below.

Interior Grade 1

Clean and commensurate with the age and mileage but may require standard valet.

Interior Grade 2

Unclean, possibly stained and will require a professional valet or possible Smart repair to achieve a retail standard.

Interior Grade 3

Stained, damaged and may require replacement parts.

Exterior Grade A

The vehicle is in retail condition, with only minor defects in panel surfaces that will not require bodyshop attention. Previous repairs may have been performed.
Note: Vehicles requiring no remedial work to body panels, paintwork, interior or glass. No parts missing.
Typical cars, once subjected to a professional valet/mop, will be suitable for sale to a retail customer.

Exterior Grade B

The vehicle may have minor chips, scratches or dents in panels that require moderate repair.
Note: Vehicles that would be Grade 1 if limited moderate body/cold metal repairs were carried out, i.e. stone chips small enough to repair via a touch in process, scratches to bumpers/mouldings that could be repaired via localising painting, removal of minor dents that have not broken the paintwork and could be removed via a cold metal repair, stains/soiling to interior that may respond to a professional valet.

Exterior Grade C

The vehicle will require bodyshop attention, plus wear and tear, for example, parking dents, dings, small scratches and chips. Parts may be broken or missing.
Note: Vehicles that require up to three panels to have bodyshop repairs, i.e. damage to interiors, scratches/scuffs through to base metal or primer, dents that would not cold metal repair and previous unsatisfactory repairs that would require rectification.

Exterior Grade D

The vehicle will require bodyshop attention, show signs of excessive wear and tear. The body may have dents, scratches or chips. Parts may be broken or missing.
Note: Vehicles that require four or more panels to have bodyshop repairs, previous unsatisfactory repairs that would require rectification, damage to interiors.

Exterior Grade E

The vehicle requires panels to be replaced. The vehicle shows signs of severe abuse or may have sustained major collision damage.