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Friday Sale Times
Due to the ever increasing numbers logging on online for our Friday sales we will continue to start them at 4.00pm




With effect from Wednesday 14th April 2021, ECA will return to a full sales programme of two attended sales each week.

Due to social distancing measures space in the auction hall will be limited and access will be allocated on a strictly first come first served basis so we continue to encourage as many account holders as possible to bid online. Customers and visitors will be required to wear a mask (or suitable face covering) at all times when attending our premises.

The company has a continuing duty of care to amend and update its protocols to reflect government guidelines and restrictions. Detailing procedures ensures not only the safety of its staff but also the safety of customers and other visitors coming to the site. We are following the guidance for Automotive Auctions produced by our trade body, NAMA.



  • Inform employees about general hygiene rules, testing, standard distancing rules, greetings without handshakes, coughing and sneezing to the inside of elbows, regular hand cleaning and the avoidance of touching the face
  • Ensure hygiene signs are visible to all customers and site visitors
  • A record of all visitors to site will be kept.  Visitors will be asked to provide their name and a contact telephone number.
  • Regular cleaning of areas touched by customers using disinfectant/antibacterial sanitiser with disposable cloths which are discarded after use.
  • No customer is to use company phones 
  • Set up clear visible distancing rules for customers. Social distancing equates to two meters apart from any person outside their household
  • Keep the social distance between customer and customer facing staff
  • All customers and visitors to our premises will be required to wear a mask.
  • Staff will be required to wear a mask in all areas of the site where they may be in contact with, or potentially be in contact with, customers and other visitors to the building.
  • Only one person from any business or household is permitted to attend site; if children attend they must accompany a parent, they must be by their side at all times and not allowed to wander or run around. 
  • Customers must not congregate in one area at any given time
  • All customers must observe the social distancing rule from any other customer
  • Hand sanitiser stations are set up at various points throughout the site
  • Customers are not permitted to enter the office area
  • The number of people (apart from staff) who enter the office area will be kept to an absolute minimum.  However, we accept that this may be unavoidable (for equipment repairs and essential business meetings for example).  Visitors will be asked to sign in and complete a short covid-19 questionnaire which will be reviewed by a Manager prior to that individual being permitted into the office area.  The clipboard and pen used for this purpose will be appropriately sanitised before and after each use.
  • Vehicles will be kept locked at all times. No keys to be given out to customers; customers cannot inspect the interior of any vehicle prior to purchase



  • The main reception door is the only site access door that is unlocked at all times during the working day
  • The site is only open for vehicle collection during allocated appointment times 
  • The Car Storage Area and the Auction Hall Doors will be kept locked at all times except during pre-sale viewing and auctions.  The doors will be locked immediately at the end of each sale.
  • Vehicle collections must be booked with the office in advance and customers should call the office again when they are five minutes away.  If customers arrive to collect vehicles without booking an appointment they may be asked to leave and return at another time.



  • For Wednesday sale:  Wednesdays from 9am until 11am

For Friday sale: Fridays from 2pm until 4pm

  • All vehicles will be locked and no keys will be given out at any time prior to purchase; therefore customers will be unable to inspect the interior of any vehicle prior to purchase
  • Customers must follow any directional signs and observe social distancing rules at all times
  • The office will be open for limited enquiries.  Customers will not be permitted to handle any paperwork prior to purchase. 
  • On Wednesdays and Fridays, the auction hall will be locked (and customers will be asked to leave site) between the end of pre-sale viewing and the auction start time.



  • Sale times:  Wednesdays at 11am and Fridays at 6pm
  • All sales will be conducted online and with a limited number of customers present in the auction hall. 
  • Customers must follow all directional signage; social distancing rules must be observed at all times.
  • Customers are free to move around the auction hall during the sale; social distancing rules must be observed at all times.
  • Vehicles will be driven into the auction hall and parked between two barriers whilst the auctioneering takes place.
  • The driver will remain in the vehicle with the doors and windows locked.  
  • Customers may approach the vehicle for their own inspection purposes but they must not attempt to open the doors or windows; social distancing rules must be observed at all times.  
  • Following the sale of a vehicle, the successful bidder must go immediately to the office where a £400 deposit will be required for each provisional or purchased lot.  
  • Deposits must be paid by cash or bank transfer – we do not accept any other form of payment.
  • If they wish, account customers may lodge a deposit prior to the beginning of the sale if they would rather not come to the office each time.  This deposit is fully refundable if no vehicles are purchased.
  • Where possible, sale enquiries, including negotiations on provisional bids, will be conducted by telephone or e-mail.
  • Invoices will be e-mailed at the end of every sale and payment is due by the end of the following working day.
  • Payments should be made by bank transfer.  Cash payments (up to a maximum of £9000 per sale in accordance with money laundering regulations) are also acceptable; cash payments in excess of £400 will attract a handling fee of 3% + vat (this charge also applies to cash paid directly into our account) .  We do not accept any other form of payment.



  • Once payment has been made the customer must telephone or e-mail the office to book an appointment for collection. 
  • When a mutually convenient time has been arranged the office will ask the yard staff to move the vehicle to the side car park ready for collection.  After moving the vehicle to the side car park the yard staff member who drives it there will perform one final sanitisation of the vehicle, wiping the dashboard, the steering wheel, the gear lever, the steering column, the rear view mirror and all door handles (interior and exterior).  The keys to the vehicle will also be sanitised and placed in a bag ready for collection.
  • The customer should telephone the office again 5 minutes prior to arrival on site.  
  • When the customer arrives to collect the vehicle they should report to reception to collect the documents and keys for the vehicle.  They will then be directed to collect the vehicle from the side car park.


Eastbourne Car Auctions Limited C19 Best Practice Policy v2021.6